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Concrete Overlays

This application is one of the most elegant uses of our Decorative Concrete Overlay Polymer Cement products. This process provides the look and feel of stone, slate and various tile styles in a concrete surface.Concrete Overlays

Imagine being able to apply a 1/4" to 3/8" layer of polymer cement over an existing concrete surface (new pour or old deteriorated slab) then stamping the thin layered polymer cement material to give the permanent and realistic look of stone, slate and tile just like conventional stamped concrete.

Thin Stamped Overlays Rival Natural Stone in look and feel. Because this product is applied in a seamless fashion, there is no waste when making a pattern like there is with Tile. Each surface can be customized in style and shape to create a floor that is unique to each location. Colors are applied as a non-recative or Acid Stain version.




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