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TJT Construction, LLC has the resources and experience to build and deliver the custom modular home you want. From selecting the plans and features to the finished home, we make building a custom modular home easy. Builders looking to improve their business or homeowners looking to create a home with exactly what they want, let us show you how easy building a custom modular home can be.

From selecting the floor plans to the features and options that you want, we have made the entire process of building a custom modular home as easy as possible. Just like an assembly line, modular homes go into production with all the information and features in hand. Modular construction is more efficient than stick-built homes and has lower costs. With smarter planning you can be living in your new custom modular home in a matter of weeks, not months. Although your house is completed quickly, quality materials and careful attention to detail are built into our modular homes.

We use modular building systems to construct your home. Modular homes are designed and built in a climate controlled environment that protects the entire structure during the build. This means harmful weather never touches the inside of the home.

While a 100% site-built home may have one or two inspections during the build, a TJT Construction, LLC modular home goes through 300 quality inspections and third party inspections to ensure the highest level of quality through the entire modular construction process.

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