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Services Offered:

TJT Construction offers and performs several types of concrete services in the areas including New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, Metairie, Kenner, Harahan, River Ridge, Gretna, Algiers, Harvey, Marrero, Westwego and some of the outlying parishes.

The types of concrete services we offer and perform include but are not limited to residential concrete projects and commercial concrete projects.

We also offer and perform concrete services for Universities, Municipalities, as well as Federal agencies in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Residential project services include concrete slabs that are both pile supported and non-pile supported. Residential concrete project services also include the replacement of existing concrete sidewalks and concrete driveways as well as concrete patio’s.

Project Specific Information: Residential Concrete

The most typical residential concrete services we offer, are the replacement of your existing concrete sidewalk and or concrete driveway. We also offer the construction of new concrete sidewalks and concrete driveways.

Replacement of residential concrete sidewalks and driveways consist of breaking up the existing sidewalk and driveway and hauling it away. Typically most residential sidewalk and driveway replacement projects, require the installation of additional sand fill to bring the settled dirt level back up to the proper level.

The new concrete sidewalk and driveway is then put in place by forming for the new concrete. Typical form work consists of 1”x4” or 2”x4” lumber supported by wood stakes driven into the ground.

Steel re-enforcement is then installed. The most typical steel re-enforcement used in residential concrete sidewalks and driveways, is a 10 gauge roll wire mesh. Installation of steel rebar is also used to tie the new sidewalk and driveway into an existing abutting house slab or other existing concrete.

Expansion joint material, typically used in most residential sidewalks and driveways, are a series pressure treated lumber; usually 1x4’s. The expansion joints are typically placed approximately every 300 to 400 square feet depending on the layout. Expansion joints in sidewalks are typically placed approximately every 15 to 20 apart, depending on the layout.

The new concrete is then placed and finished. The concrete that is used in most typical residential flatwork, sidewalks and driveways is a 3,000 PSI (pounds per square inch). The finish of the concrete is typically a broom finish.

Residential concrete used in most of the New Orleans residential projects consist of sand, cement and aggregate mixed together. The most typical thickness of the concrete used in sidewalks and driveways are four (4”) inches thick.

We provide free estimates and consultations to answer any questions that you may have regarding your residential concrete sidewalk and driveway project.

Project size ranges from very small projects to more complicated larger projects.

Commericial Services:

Commercial concrete services include concrete parking lots and concrete slabs. We offer design build services for the design and construction of concrete parking lots and concrete slabs.

Commercial concrete projects usually consists of replacement of sections of commercial concrete street panels, commercial concrete parking lots and design build services for commercial concrete parking lots.

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